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May I congratulate you all on the amazing work your doing. It’s fantastic to see the innovative things that are being done nationally however is awesome when it’s local & close up. Congratulations again.

Lana & Greg from the Golden Anchor

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Hi Madeleine, just thought I’d say that [volunteer] has been great. I asked for 2 shops so far and she did them for us fast. Thanks very much for the note through the door, with [his wife] in isolation we couldn’t have managed without you’.

A friend of Nunhead Knocks
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Alex Wells

I just like to say thank you so so much for the phone. I been online most of the days since you dropped it off, thank you so much


"My match went for a shopping trip for me last week and we are planning on another later on this week. She's meeeeega kind and helpful, I could not hope for any better arrangement. Thank you for all you do, you truly make a difference."

A requester that needed help with her shopping

I’ve been brought to tears by the responses, so many kind offers We managed to pull together a 32" TV Sony TV, a digital radio, lots of clothes for the 4yr old, and kids DVDs, toys and books. So please thank everyone for their amazing generosity.

Shady, who was arranging support for a single mum and young child

Helping people stay connected 📱

We’re now collecting spare mobile phones and tables for London Rainbow 🌈 Many patients arrive at hospital without a phone or tablet to stay in touch with their families. In some cases, doctors and nurses have resorted to lending patients their own phones to call home during their last moments. London Rainbow work directly with doctors, nurses, carers and community workers to deliver repurposed donated devices (from the public) to where the need is greatest across London health and care services and most vulnerable residents.

Read more and donate
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We've been partnering with Catch-22 to get nutritious cooked meals to care leavers - many of whom have never been shown how to cook.


Throw back to March 17th when the NK community first got together to deliver over 8k leaflets!

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I was stressed about not being able to pick up my prescription then I rememberd the leflet that came through my door and called you im very greatful for your kind help

Community Member


cooked meals

Refer someone

Overnight an urgent call came in. She had run out and had been giving her own hot meals brilliantly supplied by NHK’s to her grandchildren for a couple of days.She said was embarrassed to ask for more help. I, of course, explained that there was nothing to be embarrassed about in any way.We did a food shop for her this morning and through everyone’s hard work and the generosity and compassion of our donators set up a plan to keep her and her grandchildren fed for the next few weeks until she is out of isolation and their mum leaves hospital. She has called twice since to say thank you both times with tears of happiness. She said gratitude doesn’t cover how she feels!

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Communities coming together in response to the Deptford Fire

Thanks to our generous community donations, Nunhead Knock has been able to provide much needed nappies, wet wipes and tins of food to support the 12 families who lost their homes due to a fire in Deptford last week. Thanks to everyone who got involved to make this happen.

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Very helpful, quick and supportive. Special thanks to Paddy, Rosa and Saskia, and all the other volunteers giving their time to help those in need.

A neighbour who needed a hand

A big THANK YOU 💚 to @coccomiooil who donated 108 x 500g jars and 4 x 4L tubs of coconut oil to us on Monday. 🙌🏼

That’s 61kg of coconut oil! 🥥 Coconut oil is great for cooking, hair care and skincare so we have given:
• 96 jars and 2 x 4L tubs to the Westminster House Youth Club for local families
• 12 jars to The Green to include in food parcels
• 2 x 4L tubs are being used for cooking hot meals for local residents

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The Council suddenly had to house me and my family as the Landlord needed his property back. I happened to contact an old friend and she asked if I needed any help with things for our new place as our local community had some beds, kitchen-ware, a sofa and other things that people had donated to go to a ‘good cause’. We jumped at the chance. It was such an unsettling time for us, but within minutes my friend put me in touch with Nunhead Knocks who delivered things to our house within days. We couldn’t believe it. Such kindness and generosity from people we don’t even know. Muchas gracias....and keep up the amazing work!!!


Nunhead Grove team pulling in a lot of donations on their first day open 👏

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Thank you so much for the food! I am one of those people on the frontline. I do appreciate every little help I can get since the children are in the house 24/7 and all they do is eat, eat, eat! Thanks once again!

A member of NunUnFed
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Our website is now available in Polish and Yuroba! And our live chat can translate messages to help us chat with the whole community 🤗