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Money Donations

See where your money is having an impact, sponsor families and support local groups & charities.

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Food & Other Donations

Drop off your dry food & household donations to your local or neighbourhood donation stores. Check our our list of need items.

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Donation Stations

Find your local drop-off location for donations and the best items to donate.

The Green, Nunhead Community Centre
5 Nunhead Green, Nunhead, SE15 3QQ
Monday to Friday, 1pm to 3pm.
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St Mary's Church Hall
63 St Mary's Road, SE15 2EA
Saturday 1-3pm.
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The Waverley Arms
202 Ivydale Road, SE15 3BU
Thursday 11am to 3pm.
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Albrighton Community Fridge
37 Albrighton Road, London SE22 8AH
any weekday from 10am-4pm.
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Co-op Food - Nunhead - Evelina Road
88-96 Evelina Rd, London SE15 3HL
During opening hours.
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Co-op Food - Hilton House
100 St Norbert Rd, London SE4 2BN
During opening hours.
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Gellatly Local
1 Gellatly Rd, London SE14 5TU
Open everday.
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We cannot currently accept perishable goods. Have a location with a lot of fridge and storage space? Let us know.

Non-perishable food
• Rice
• Pasta
• Lentils
• Cereal
• Soup
• Pasta
• Tinned tomatoes
• Pasta sauce
• Lentils, beans and pulses
• Tinned meat (pork & no pork)
• Tinned fruit & vegetables
• Tea & coffee
• Biscuits
• UHT milk
• Fruit juice
• Gluten-free foods
• Halal foods

Baby Supplies
• Baby wipes
• Nappies
• Baby food

Household items
• Laundry detergent
• Washing-up liquid
• Anti-bacterial wipes
• Bin bags

Hygiene & toiletries
• Deodorant
• Toiler paper
• Shower gel & shampoo
• Shaving gel
• Hand soap
• Toothbrushes & toothpaste
• Feminine products - sanitary towels & tampons

Activities for children
• Books
• KS1/2/3 study materials
• Toys and games

Other supplies
• PPE - gloves, masks, hand sanitiser
• 90% alcohol
• Spray bottles for disinfecting
• Strong boxes e.g. Gousto, Veg boxes
• Homemade PPE

Are you able to donate cash 💰?

These are just a few of the local organisations that have been working hard throughout (& before!) the pandemic. If you're able to, please think about donating to their mission.

Westminster House Youth Club

Peckham based charity, providing purposeful activities, both recreational and educational for young people aged 8-18.

Just Giving Page

Albrighton Community Fridge

Help to feed local families. Donate to their JustGiving page or donate £5 straight away by texting LKXB01 to 70970

Just Giving Page

SE15 Community Fund

Offers financial help to people located in the SE15 postcode, who may be struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic or other circumstances.

Open Collective Page

Feed the Hill

They provide free weekly food boxes to anyone going hungry in our community, delivering these safely and free of charge.

Just Giving Page

Local Business Donors

We'd like to thank the local businesses that have given their space, people, equipment and time to support their neighbours via Nunhead Knocks.

The Yard
Good Cup
Alkemi Store
The Old Nuns Head
Ayres Bakery
Four Hundred Rabbits
Quick Print
The Green

Our Donors

We'd like to thank the software and service businesses that have given their time, platforms and equipment for free.

Lightening Aid
Elegant Themes
Number 8 Events
Event Projection