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June 25, 2020
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Hi Nunhead Knocks Volunteers!

Activity has been ramping up at NK HQ as we work on matching the amazing 1,300+ volunteers now signed up; here is your first snapshot of how you’ve been helping.

After delivering more than 9,000 leaflets last week, there have been 100+ calls to our hotline to date, and our volunteers are supporting more than 100 of the most vulnerable people.

Read more about how you've been working in the community so far Good News Feed.

If you've not heard from us yet, we've not forgotten you! We have been building an infrastructure that will help us to deliver community support for the long term, listening to your ideas and planning for the months to come. This is your community, and we’re thrilled to have you and your generosity on board. We are now working to match help requests with appropriate volunteers and to recruit key roles to support our sustainability - see more below!

111 calls to the hotline over 7 days

Over 100 requests for help

Urgent volunteer roles
As our community support increases, we need more help with day to day admin through the setting up committees. Are you ready to come in, take the reins and get cracking? Roles listed here.

Shout-out to...

There are some good eggs round here aren’t there?! This week we’d like to call out to Heidi who lent Kate and Paul a car so he could make an appointment with his oncology patient. What a champ.
Check out more stories on our Good News Feed!

On the blog

Claire, one of Nunhead Knock's volunteers, has been reflecting on the last week, and how the support and strength provided to her by the local community carried her through a difficult time, and inspired her to pay it forward. Read more..


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