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July 2, 2020
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On Saturday 4th April, we sent you a survey to collect your responses to what you think are the projects and actions we should be prioritising in the coming weeks. Thank you to everyone who took part, and we have used the feedback to come up with an action plan to ensure we keep focussed on providing the right help to those most in need in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We will shortly be circulating an action plan that anyone can get involved with. We’re moving fast on outreach for people who don’t have access to the internet or are more at risk. If you can help with this join this Slack channel.

The below is how we have categorised the areas of priorities and top actions within them:


  • Reaching people who don't have access to the internet and are vulnerable 

This was our top priority, and while already on our radar, we are now actively project planning and actioning tasks to ensure we’re reaching all those in need. Join the action team here, we need lots of support!

  • Phone Buddy system to help prevent isolation and loneliness 

Although we already help match people who have asked for someone to speak with on the phone, there weren’t many uptakes. So, we’re working on promoting this more and changing how we would match people. If you want to help set this up or lead on it contact

  • Meal prep and delivery for the most vulnerable

We are excited to have a project lead and two professional chefs on board and setting up to deliver freshly prepared meals to those too ill to cook or without access to facilities. Over the next couple of weeks we’re piloting a trial to see if it’s sustainable.. In the meantime, do set aside any surplus dried food, tinned goods, long lasting vegetables (no meat or fish) for when we have a collection point confirmed.

  • Finding more ways for volunteers to get involved 

We’re always trying to make opportunities for volunteers to get involved in whatever way they are able, and the processes around this are something we are continually looking at and value your feedback.


  • Local business volunteers for priority services such as prescription services 

We have been supporting local businesses from the get-go and want to look at how we engage with different businesses in the community, whilst ensuring key services such as prescription delivery to those in need get essential supplies. More to come.


  • Agreeing our core mission and purpose

While we are all clear that we are here to provide essential support during the crisis and its aftermath, it is essential we commit to a focussed set of goals and strategies. We will keep you informed as to the steps in taking this forward soon!


  • Volunteer engagement through updates, transparency, zoom calls, ways to get involved 

We hope that out twice-weekly newsletter, blog, slack channels and Zoom catch ups are providing you with the information and resources you require. But we also know it can be a bit intimidating and overwhelming. In the next couple of weeks we will send out a short survey to understand if we are delivering clear, transparent and accessible communications. Stay tuned. 

  • Content out on how to do care safely

We want to ensure we’re keeping the community safe, whether you’re using the services or delivering them, so we will be looking for contributors to help us put together clear and accurate content on how to care safely. We’re nearly ready to circulate our safeguarding, delivery and other best practices which will all be added to the website.

  • Local businesses information on deliveries, open status, how to support 

We have the Feed Feed and business directory up and running - but we’d love a volunteer to own and lead updating this to ensure it’s accurate and up-to-date in a volatile market.

We’ll be sending out more detailed comms on this in due course, but if you have any ideas on any the above let us know here.

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