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July 2, 2020
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When we asked for your quarantales we had a fantastic response and will be sharing them with the Nunhead Community over the coming weeks. First up is Luke Rowett’s poem ‘Stay at Home and Hope’. Thank you Luke for your reflections on isolation.


If you would like to share your stories, poetry, videos or photos with Nunhead Knocks, please send them to; we would love to hear from you!


Stay at home and hope - Luke Rowett


And bake until you run out of flour,

And wash your hands once an hour,

On the hour, for an hour.

This thing is loitering on your doorstep

Scratching at the weatherboard and the letterbox.

So are DHL, delivering your new bread maker,

But you’ve run out of flour,

And Tescos won’t deliver But for a little longer, please,

Stay at home and hope.


The poorly dressed blonde man,

Is poorly but still

Addresses the nation,

From self-isolation, saying please,

Stay at home and hope.


We know we’ll pull through

If we all work together,

But please work alone, from your home,

On the sofa or dining table

From your bed or your garden (If you can handle the cold)

It’s fun for a bit but soon gets old,

So we move room to room

In a tiring migration

Until we’re sat on the loo with our laptops

In frustration.

Still, we stay at home and hope.

This isn’t a joke, this isn’t a drill

We’re plagued with disease,

And without any pill

There were no alarms and

What there were we ignored

And now we confine our hopes

To indoors.

So what is together in this time of crisis?

Does anyone out there have the strength left to fight this?

Our nurses barely ever had time to breath

The whole NHS doesn’t have what it needs:

There’s a shortage of masks

And testing kits.

Would a few ventilators be too much to ask?

Please, stay at home and hope,

And cheer them on Thursday’s Clap from your windows

And fill them with rainbows!

Raise the roof for those who give more!

Which really, we should

Have been doing before.

Stay at home and hope but please

Keep moving.

All that baking means the battle

Of the bulge is losing.

Once a day Maybe step outside

For exercise and be surprised

By polite little queues,

Notes stapled to trees,

By the presence of bees,

And the singing of birds,

That when we’re all out,

Is often not heard. Shop local. They need it more,

And ignore your urge to sit down in a bar,

This isn’t forever.

Sip wine and facetime

And stay at home

And catch your breath.

What was it you hoped for before all this mess?

Is it something that, now,

You have time to pursue?

Take stock (don’t stockpile)

And decide what you’ll do

When lockdown is lifted

And we’re all free to move.

Please, stay at home and hope.

Stay at home, but please hope.


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