Setting our priorities

July 2, 2020
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Thank you to everyone who has had their say in our biggest priorities over the next two weeks! There’s still time to add your voice before we all cement these. Click here to take part and see the responses so far!

So far our votes are:

- 100% Reaching people who don’t have access to the internet and are vulnerable
- 85% Local business volunteers for priority services such as prescription services
- 84% Phone Buddy system to help prevent isolation and loneliness
- 79% Meal prep and delivery for the most vulnerable
- 84% Finding more ways for volunteers to get involved
- 70% Agreeing our core mission and purpose
- 65% Volunteer engagement through updates, zoom calls, ways to get involved, etc
- 63% Content out on how to do care safely
- 63% Local businesses information on deliveries, open status, how to support

What’s next?

Together, we’ll have kick-off meets to brainstorm and prioritise what we need to do around certain priorities (some are already in motion, but we’ll detail them out). There’ll be volunteers championing the efforts and coordinating work, and the project plan will be open for everyone to get involved if they would like to (we hear you engaging and mobilising volunteer priorities! :raising_hand:)

What about things lower on the list or that weren’t mentioned?

It doesn’t mean that the other priorities won’t get done, or don’t have value, but that for the next few weeks until these other priorities are nailed we won’t be focusing on them as much. We need to make sure we’re getting support to the people that need it, no matter who they are.


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