LBGT+ Guide to Isolation from House of Pride

June 29, 2020
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We reached out to Alex D'sa, co-founder of House of Pride, last Monday and asked her if she could pull together a quick guide for the LGBT+ community going through self-isolation. And true to House of Pride, Alex and her Co-Founder Lu, delivered so much more!

Take a read of the LGBT+ Guide to Isolation.

A note from House of Pride

"We started writing this guide as a resource for our community to turn to in times of need. If you're at the start of your isolation journey, mid-way through, or even if you're in China and Italy and starting to see that curve flatten?...There will be something in here for you.

We know this will be a tricky time, and for LGBT+ people there are specific health consideration we have to be aware of. Read the GLMA's open letter about the Coronavirus and the LGBTQ+ communities to learn more. There is the constant, and often triggering, comparison to the AIDS crisis, there is the blame on marriage equality by right-wing pundits. But...we are better together. We are here to support one another.

If you are in need of someone to talk to, connect with us on social media or send us an email. If you are desperately in need, please check out our mental health section in this book. Call one of the helplines and services listed in this guide, and read this sheet on navigating crisis by the ICARUS PROJECT.

Whilst we are not here to provide any medical advice, you may want to check our Queercare for some important protocol resources. On a lighter note, we hope you enjoy the wonderful illustrations by PD Hawcroft.

At House of Pride, we start off all our emails with “I hope you are well. No, that is true more than eve. Been safe. And see you soon.
Alll our love,
Alex & Lu

Download the LGBT+ Guide to Isolation here.

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