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April 20, 2020
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The Good News Feed is the place to celebrate YOU, our wonderful volunteers. Please keep sending through feedback on our Slack channels or to so we can share your happy quotes.

Our Happy Quotes

"Thank you for all your prompt and cheerful help today for getting my rubber gloves! It's wonderful to know that I can count on your help and support in these difficult times." Lynne.

"BIG SHOUT OUT to the Nunhead Knocks team for their well organised and super efficient support for locals that are self isolating. Our thanks and gratitude go to them for organising the collection and delivery of mine and my husbands medication yesterday."

"Just wanted to say that as a mum of 2 small people (2yrs and 10months old) who experienced acute back sprain the day before her husband went down with coronavirus symptoms, NK has been a life saver! Within 12hrs of making a request I had fresh milk and fruit delivered for the kids and my painkiller prescription collected from the pharmacy! Love my local community" Jenni F

"Nunhead Knocks is marvellous! Kristina has collected from the Surgery for me already - and offered po pick up fresh veg tomorrow too - thank you so much..."

"Special thank you to NK volunteer Claire, who did a bit of shopping for Rose (my mother) yesterday. Will always be grateful for your act of kindness. Thank you also to the people at NK who are doing a great job, getting things done for the community" Paul L

"I spoke to a lady today. We have been helping her 100 year old mother get her shopping. She said she would not know what to have done with out us, and that she has been so anxious till she got in contact. Was so lovely to hear." Lotte M

"OMG !!! 8:10pm Friday night Kristal wanted 3 volunteers for tomorrow. 8:23pm all three slots filled via Deputy messaging!!" Andy B

"Good news - had some wonderful volunteers get in contact about specific roles... so exciting to have so many enthusiastic people on board! WATCH THIS SPACE" Louise R-L

"Just to say Zoe was brilliant today, thanks so much for your help you are hero’s so very appreciated!”

"Jim C sorted out two urgent requests for prescription deliveries today - one in Surrey Quays! - awesome work! We are really making a difference!"

"Let's make an opportunity out of this crisis to build an even stronger community that looks after everyone within it. Nunhead Rocks!" - Chris M

Who you've connected so far

- A woman who is over 65, blind, and worried about getting food  she normally gets meals from a local cafe that is now closed, with a volunteer to help her get meals

- A family of 5 self-isolating due to Covid, running out of food before their delivery, to someone who helped them with a top-up shop.

- An oncologist whose local tube station had closed and needed to borrow a car to get to work, to someone who loaned them a car.

- A woman who told us that she has no children or friends, so feels very alone while self-isolating, who was matched with a neighbour who will chat with her regularly. 

- A woman who had two cans of soup left and needed food today, to a volunteer to shop for her.

- A local pharmacy to volunteers to help them deliver prescriptions directly.

- A mum and daughter with learning and accessibility difficulties have been connected with a team of volunteers to get regular food and talk on the phone.

- On Tuesday Jim C two urgent requests for prescription deliveries today - one in Surrey Quays!

Share how you are helping our community using #NunheadKnocks

And in other good news...

- More than 30 hyperlocal Zone Coordinators from Nunhead Knocks and Mutual Aid launched today (big shout out to Kate, Chris, Bridget and everyone else involved for organising all of this!). They’ll be making sure we’re looking after the people in all of our neighbourhoods.

- We've got 11 volunteers who are solely focusing on help requests and matching them up with local volunteers. Interested in becoming one? Read more here.

- 10 volunteers are solely focusing on help requests and matching them up with the right local volunteers. We have volunteers that specialise in working with people with learning difficulties, dementia and other at risk groups so they get the right support. We're also looking for a Qualified Safeguarding Officer ASAP (get in touch if this is you!)

- We have linked up a catering company with a local foodbank charity.

- We've set up a free digital rota system (thanks Andy and Jim!) for volunteers to help Kristal Pharmacy get over 50 prescriptions out a day.

- Had our first baby, A Mutual Aid group who found out about us last Monday and wanted to replicate what we were doing -

- Collaborating with over 10 Mutual Aid groups, Southwark council and other local communities, we are sharing our ways of working to help others get started (we have a whole team set up to help these groups!).

- Put some major data security protocols in place to make sure that volunteer and help requester data is safe. Jim, Wendy, Clive, Jack and an engineer in India (given pro bono by Airtable!) have been working day and night to get this up and running so we can bring more people in, safely.

- Spoken to the BBC, Telegraph, Evening Standard, The Sun, HuffPost, and local influencers to show what the Nunhead community has done. A volunteer is also launching a podcast and would love to hear from you!

Get involved.

Can you spare solid amounts of time to get our community support running? Or don't mind a lot of notifications and want to stay up to date on what's happening? Check out the roles we urgently need here.

Join the Slack organisation community here.

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