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July 2, 2020
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Communities are not just defined by geography. Our lived experience defines who we are, and the types of support and networks we may need during times of crisis.

Here we will share links to other resources and support available for different groups of people during coronavirus outbreak.

Not from SE15 and the surrounding areas? Find your nearest local community group, go to the local groups page on Mutual Aid.

- Guide for Supporting Migrants.
- 7 Useful Links for Disabled People COVID-19-UK
- London LGBTQ+ Mutual Aid
- Resources for Autistic people
- Domestic Abuse

1. Guide for Supporting Migrants During Coronavirus

Migrants Organise have pulled together Guidance for Supporting Migrants During Coronavirus, which they will update regularly.


Doctors of the World:

The Red Cross:


Migrants Organise:

Modern Slavery Referral Helpline: 0300 303 8151, open 24/7.

2. Seven Useful Links for Disabled People COVID-19-UK

A selection of resources for Disabled people created and regularly updated by @Fran_Face can be found here.

3. London LGBTQ+ Mutual Aid

The Outside Project are helping to coordinating a Mutual Aid Network for LGBTQ+ people in London.

Facebook: London LGBTIQ+ COVID19 Mutual Aid

For Support:
To Volunteer:

4. Resources and Advice for autistic people

The National Autistic society have put together a hub of resources and advice for autistic people

5. Domestic Abuse

Women’s Aid is the national charity working to end domestic abuse against women and children. You can contact them here.

The NHS website also lists other support and services available for people suffering from, or concerned about cases of, domestic abuse.

CHAYN is a global volunteer network addressing gender-based violence by creating intersectional survivor-led resources online.

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