12 ways you can help get Nunhead Knocks to the people who need it most

July 2, 2020
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The Nunhead Knocks family are doing some amazing things in our community already. If you haven't got a specific volunteer role yet and you're wondering how you can make a real difference on the ground, the answer is... in loads and loads of ways!

The biggest issue we face right now is getting people to actually find out about us and what we can do to support our neighbours, especially those who may need urgent support or are at higher risk. 

That’s where you come in! There’s stuff you can do on your own, with your kids or your loved ones.

In your home

  1. Phone your neighbours and let them know about Nunhead Knocks - especially important for our neighbours that don’t have Facebook, WhatsApp and similar. They can call us on 020 7459 4428.
  2. Call or email any community leaders you know and ask how we can support them in sharing the word. Check out our template here to make it super easy!
  3. Make contact with your local residents’ association, neighbourhood watch or similar community organisation. Ask them to contact us at hello@nunheadknocks.com if they could benefit from food parcels or cooked meals.
  4. Make a Nunhead Knocks bed sheet and display it for all your neighbours to see.
  5. Print our poster, or even better make your own and make one and put it in your windows, pin it to your door, your wheelybins, even your car window....
  6. If your neighbours are on Whatsapp get them on your Zone Whatsapp chat. Get the link here.

Out and about

  1. Seeing your GP, pharmacist, health worker or service provider? Remind them to let their patients and clients know about us! 
  2. Grab some leaflets from outside the Green Community Centre to put up around your local area, on bus stops, notice boards and your car windows.
  3. Drop a poster at your local shop when you are doing your weekly food run.

Online and socials

  1. Share the word on your community email lists, online neighbourhood forums and Facebook groups! Share our website www.nunheadknocks.com.
  2. Share one of our images on WhatsApp, Messenger or text and ask your online communities  to do the same.
Copy me and share on Whatsapp!

  1. Get sharing how we can help on all your socials and tag your local friends. Take photos of support you have offered or received and tag us using @NunheadKnocks and #nunheadknocks

Our social channels

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Our hashtags

#NunheadKnocks  #nunheadknocks #nunhead #peckham #se15 #southeastlondon #selondon #communityovercoronavirus #londontogether #peckhamrye #londontogether

Grab copies of all our images, flyers and tools for sharing here!

More ideas or time to get involved?

Join us on Slack if you haven’t already and get involved in the #outreach-nk channel! Join via this link or email us on volunteers@nunheadknocks.com with your ideas!

Want to get involved in the wider organisation? Join Slack and see our most urgent roles here.

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