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Nunhead Knocks is a community-based, all-volunteer organisation. We work within the Nunhead, Peckham, and Queens Road (United Kingdom) areas connecting people in need of assistance due to the Covid-19 outbreak to help..

If you need support, you can message us here or call us on 02074594428.

You're not alone. Your neighbours are here to help.

We work within the Nunhead, Peckham, and Queens Road in London. If you need help, you can call us on 02074594428 or send a message.

Safe & Secure

More than anything, we want our community to feel safe. We use safewords so you know volunteers are with us.

Friendly Chats

Beat loneliness, be part of a community phone tree and get regular check-ins.

Dog Walking

We have experienced vetted dog walkers to help get your pup plenty of exercise.


Prepared by local businesses, neighbours and initiatives, we can provide meals to those in need.


Whether it's food, medicine, prescriptions or baby supplies, we have drivers in your local streets.


Need more support? We can help you find local services that support disabilities, mental health, and learning difficulties.

Updates, information & resources


How To Donate To Food Banks When You're Self Isolating

March 21, 2020

Food banks across the country are struggling. Bankuet helps you donate food to people who need it now without leaving your house.

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Community Resources For Different Lived Experiences

March 21, 2020

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Local Info

The Feed Feed

March 21, 2020

Our lovely local businesses have started delivering - show your support and check our directory for fruit, veg, meat, fish and provisions.

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Are you a local business or organisation?

If you're able to support our efforts, please let us know how you can help your community. We also want to support our local businesses, so if you need help, you can request it here.

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Here is a list of some Frequently Asked Questions to help give you extra information about our efforts and how you can support us or how our community can help to support you.

I'm part of a group or organisation that is also offering support

If you are part of a group or organisation that is already covering off an area or specialism let us know via nunheadknocks@gmail.com and we’ll refer enquiries to your team.

I'm a local business and want to support our community

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What precautions should I take when visiting someone's home?

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Are you only helping people in Nunhead?

This website is designed with people in the Nunhead area. However, there are local champions all over London. Take a look at our resources for local groups here.

Where can I get more info about Coronavirus / Corvid-19?

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